Google chooses OK Mobility as a story of success

Tech giant Google has chosen OK Mobility as a story of success for one of its customers. In this way, the Google team have shared the case of OK as an example of success of one of its customers who uses Google’s advertising investment tools to increase the acquisition of online traffic in their main direct channels.

According to the Google team, OK Mobility is a company that has been able to detect new opportunities and give potential travellers the safety they need.

In their article ”Tourism is booming: everything travel advertisers can do now”, they say: OK Mobility, a global mobility company based in Spain, is an example; in 2021, their car-rental services digital investment strategy paid off. Thanks to the travel insights tools, they were able to better position their vehicle fleet according to the demand of their offices, while knowing first-hand the needs of their customers. This, together with the reinforcement of investment in Google Ads, allowed them to increase sales by 20 % in the peak months of the summer season (June, July and August), compared to 2019.”