We include motorbikes to our mobility offer!

OK Mobility now includes 125cc bikes in their mobility offer, thus providing more vehicle alternatives. This is part of the Company’s firm aim to continue to promote more personalized mobility, which is adapted to each customers’ transport needs at all times.

The new bikes, which require a Class B driving licence (the same as the one required to drive a car) can be ridden on all roads and motorways, and are already available for hire from the Barcelona, Madrid and Palma Majorca Stores. They will soon be included in the company’s remaining Stores.

You can now hire a motorbike from the okmobility.com website, where you will find two of the best options among the new generations of scooters.

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MC Automobiles gains more and more European customers one year after being acquired by OK Mobility

Since being acquired by OK Mobility one year ago, French company MC Automobiles has gained significantly more customers, both in France and in other European countries. This merger has also allowed them to generate new growth and innovation business strategies, taking advantage of the mobility group’s European scope.

Thanks to OK Mobility’s support, the French Company have also continued to have a constant supply of vehicles, despite the shortage of second-hand vehicles, allowing them to respond to their customers’ mobility needs.

Following the purchase of MCA, OK Mobility have helped the French Company to continue operating, striving for growth and boosting the position that they have held for 30 years, making them one of the five main companies dedicated to the sale of second-hand vehicles to wholesalers in France, reaching 4000 vehicles sold each year and invoicing more than 50 million Euros in the 2020 tax year.

MC Automobiles was the first M&A acquisition made by the mobility group, a part of their #OKOnTheRoad plan. This is an expansion and growth plan which anticipates further acquisitions in the future. In fact, OK Mobility are currently negotiating with various targets.

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OK Mobility advances in the digitisation of its centres with the implementation of QR codes in OK Cars

OK Mobility continues to advance in the digitisation processes of its outlets and replaces the vehicle information hardware with QR codes.

In this way, all the people who visit our centres can know in real-time, and through their mobile devices, all the information and features of the car that interests them, just by scanning the QR code.

This action is one of the digital projects that OK Mobility has been implementing with the aim of continuing to improve the user experience and adapt to new forms of consumption, reinforcing our online sales channels.


MC Automobiles, owned by OK Mobility Group, begins extension works to double its fleet of vehicles

The French company MC Automobiles, which OK Mobility Group acquired last January, has started the extension works of its vehicle park located in the logistics centre that the company has in Criel, in the north of France.

An expansion with which it is expected to double the storage area and to store more than 800 vehicles. This logistics centre is joined by another that MCA has in Cahors, in the south of the France.

The acquisition of the company by OK Mobility Group was a historic operation for the group, as it was the first acquisition that the company carried out within its broad global growth strategy outlined in 2020.

MC Automobiles is considered one of the five main companies dedicated to the sale of used vehicles to wholesalers in France, reaching 4,000 vehicles sold annually and having invoiced more than 50 million euros in the 2020 financial year.

Half of OK Mobility customers already buy their car at okmobility.com

50 % of OK Mobility’s car sales to individuals so far this year have been 100% online. For the first time, online sales equate to sales made at the company’s physical centres.

This figure represents a significant increase in sales through direct online channels, considering that throughout 2020 the figure was 18 %; and 2 % in 2019.

This data confirms our customers’ trend to buy online and reinforces the commitment we have been making in recent years to digitise sales processes to adapt to these new forms of consumption.

Currently, at OK Mobility we already deliver vehicles across the national territory being Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, Andalusia, Valencia and Madrid the main communities of origin of our customers.

OK Mobility Group presents its new 43 hectares OK Village logistics center

OK Mobility Group announces the launch of OK Village, a fleet facility stretching across more than 43 hectares where the company is already carrying out logistical activities and vehicle storage, the first step towards implementing OK Factory, their own vehicle refurbishment factory. This is a fleet facility, belonging to an independent online dealer and the largest mobility provider in Spain.

Located in the industrial zone of Dusfort, belonging to the Barcelona municipality of Calonge de Segarra, the facility is less than 100 kilometres from Barcelona and 150 kilometres from the French border. The plot is over 43 hectares, with 110,000 square meters of industrial ground, 40,000 m² of these covered. It also has a 1500 m² building where OK Mobility Group offices will be located.

The storage area, which already stores part of the OK Mobility Group’s stock, has a capacity to store more than 6000 vehicles, 2000 of these under cover.

Work is also in progress on what will be the OK Factory vehicle refurbishment factory, occupying more than 10,000 m², which will represent greater integration of their disruptive business.

OK Village is a great project for our group which will give us greater integration into the vehicle’s life cycle, such as logistics, storage and the industrial refurbishment of our vehicles.

OK Village is part of the growth plan that OK Mobility Group is leading in Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal, as well as the international expansion plan in new destinations.

 The new facility will also directly and indirectly create new job opportunities. More than 100 people are expected to be hired, which will also boost the local economy.

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OK Mobility Group purchases French company MC Automobiles

OK Mobility Group, the business group specialised in global mobility, continues to make progress in our M&A expansion plan with the acquisition of the French company MC Automobiles, one of the main companies dedicated to selling used cars to wholesalers in France.

We have had a close commercial relationship with MC Automobiles for 12 years, which has allowed this acquisition to take place. Our CEO Othman Ktiri therefore responsibly takes on the mission of continuing MC Automobiles’ activities, aiming to help the French company to grow, and respecting the values and foundations that have made MCA position themselves for 30 years, among the top five leading companies in B2B sales in France, achieving 4000 vehicles sold each year and billing more than 50 million Euros in the 2020 tax year.

60 year old Marc Carlin, founder of MC Automobiles will continue to be linked with the company as a Manager.

With this acquisition, we go one step further in the integration of our business model via the consolidation of our used cars sales channel in Europe., because this is the first acquisition that OK Mobility Group have completed in their extensive global growth strategy drafted in 2020, which aims to meticulously explore different strategic alternatives to promote future business development, alongside Swiss bank UBS.

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