OK Mobility, the first mobility Company to include Bitcoin as a payment method

  • The mobility company will allow customers to pay for their services with cryptocurrency

OK Mobility will introduce the new Bitcoin online payment option for services purchased via the okmobility.com website. The global mobility Company will therefore be the first in the industry in Spain, and one of the first worldwide to accept cryptocurrency as a payment option.

With this new addition, and as part of its current innovation and digitalization strategy, OK Mobility continues to include new options to facilitate and simplify the online payment process, to continue to improve the customer experience.

OK Mobility customers can choose to pay for bookings made online with Bitcoins, and this option is available for mobility services offered in the main cities in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Malta, and Croatia. This option is also applicable to all vehicles in our mobility offer and all fees available on the website

This new online payment method joins the currently available options: credit card and Amazon Pay. Now, with the inclusion of this digital money, our customers have a new, safe, and easily exchangeable payment method at their disposal.

Pedro Pablo Sastre, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, assures that “this payment method not only simplifies the booking process, but it also represents a 100% safe and reliable method”. “Our customers can go to our okmobility.com website, process their booking as usual, and when they proceed to payment, they will find the BTC option which will allow them to complete the transaction simply and instantly”.

Othman Ktiri, OK Mobility CEO states that “we are now living in a technological era, and we cannot ignore the fact that more and more people are joining this new digital economy. With this in mind, OK have incorporated and developed the necessary technology to anticipate the new consumption trend and our customers’ demands, including Bitcoin (the cryptocurrency per excellence) in our bookings process”.

As well as Bitcoin, OK Mobility is already working on including new cryptocurrencies in its payment options.

OK Mobility opens a new Store in Pisa

  • The global mobility company continues its expansion in Italy, where it already has four OK Stores in Rome and Milan.

OK Mobility continues to grow in Italy in line with its international expansion plan and will open a new Store in Pisa in June. With this opening, the global mobility company reinforces its presence in this country by entering this wonderful Tuscan city.

The new Store is located at Pisa Airport. With more than 5 million passengers a year, it is the main airfield in the Tuscany region and is located just over a kilometre from the city centre.

Victor Gómez, OK Mobility’s Development Director, highlights “the great reception that OK has had in Italy, even though we entered the Alpine country in the midst of the pandemic.  We are already finalising the details of what this new OK Store will be, with which we will now add five Stores in the Alpine country.” 

The company started its activity in Italy in 2020, with the opening of two OK Stores at the Fiumicino and Ciampino airports, in the case of Rome, and Bergamo and Malpensa, in the case of Milan.

For his part, Othman Ktiri, CEO of OK Mobility, expresses his satisfaction with this opening and says that “we are excited to start the season in Italy with a new OK Store in one of its most important tourist cities, thus consolidating our presence in the main destinations of the Mediterranean arc”. 

“The Tuscany region has become, in recent years, one of the most popular destinations for travellers.  In this regard, the high demand by our customers for this destination has led us to continue accelerating our expansion plan in Italy, where we continue to add new openings and where we plan to continue growing”, Ktiri adds.

It is now possible to make car rental reservations in Pisa with pick-ups from June through okmobility.com, being able to choose from a wide range of modern and fully equipped vehicles that meet the mobility needs of each customer and their type of trip.

OK Mobility opens in Frankfurt, expanding its mobility services in Germany

  • The new Store, located inside the German airport, joins the Stores that the Company already has in Munich airport.

OK Mobility continues to make progress in their international expansion plan in Germany and will open a new Store inside Frankfurt airport in April. This represents the global mobility company’s reinforced presence in Germany, notably in this important city which is considered one of the world’s most important financial hubs.

The new Store shall be located in Terminal 2 of the airport, the main connection hub for international flights arriving from Spain, France, the United Kingdom and the USA. When this Store opens, the Company will then be present in the two German airports through which the most passengers pass through each year, with Frankfurt welcoming 70,5 million passengers in 2019 and 48 million in Munich.

In terms of passengers, OK Mobility’s Expansion Manager, Víctor Gómez, and OK Senior City Manager in Germany, Alexander Gelzinger, state that Frankfurt Airport is the third busiest in Europe, and the 11th largest in the world. Our presence in the airport will therefore allow us to continue to boost the OK Brand on an international scale.

The Company started trading in Germany in 2020, opening a Store in Munich Airport. This is the only airport in Europe to have been awarded 5 stars by the prestigious organization Skytrax, and it is considered as the fifth best airport in the world.

OK Mobility’s CEO, Othman Ktiri, has expressed his great satisfaction and pointed out that that OK is the most commonly-used word in the world, which without a doubt turns OK Mobility into the mobility brand which has the most potential and international market projection”. “Opening new international destinations is a natural step, and part of OK’s DNA. Frankfurt joins the list of many Stores which will open in the coming year in the Europe’s main capital cities, added Ktiri.

You can now book vehicle hire in Frankfurt to pick up from April, by visiting okmobility.com. You can choose from a wide range of modern, fully-equipped vehicles which are adapted to each client’s mobility needs and type of trip.

OK Mobility smashes its pre-pandemic performance and closes 2021 with EBITDA exceeding 62 million euros

  • The global mobility company sets a new record, with turnover of 400 million euros.

OK Mobility closes the 2021 financial year with EBITDA in excess of 62 million euros and earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) of 50 million euros, once again achieving the best economic results in the company’s history. Figures that consolidate the leading position of the global mobility company as the fastest-growing and most profitable business in its sector in Europe. This is evidenced by the turnover of 400 million euros achieved in 2021.

The results published by OK Mobility confirm the sustainable growth attained by the company throughout its more than 15 years of operation, during which its annual financial results have shown a positive and rising course. In this regard, the CEO of OK Mobility, Othman Ktiri, underlines that the scaleability of OK Mobility and its two non-cyclical business lines means that the growth of our group has been uninterrupted, in terms of both turnover and profitability, since the company was founded”.

The countries in which OK Mobility has a presence – Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, and Greece – made a positive contribution to the results. It’s a fantastic sign that corroborates the scaleability of our business model outside Spain and encourages us to continue our international expansion plan with the greatest of optimism, Ktiri points out.

Specifically, the figures reveal that one in seven vehicle hires from OK Mobility is carried out at OK Stores outside Spain. At the same time, in the vehicle sales operations managed by OK Mobility in more than 15 countries, 75% of the fleet is sold on international markets.

Separately, the company closes the financial year with a debt/EBITDA ratio of less than 2, considerably better than the sector average. For OK Mobility this is an excellent ratio, bearing in mind that at OK we decided to voluntarily put a brake on sales of the fleet in the last quarter, with the aim of starting the 2022 tourism season from a privileged position given the current microchip shortage, which has turned cars into gold”, according to Ktiri.

At the same time, the company’s financial stability is also evidenced by the fact that debt accounts for only 60% of the net book value of vehicles. This means that the debt is short-term and related to the vehicles, rather than corporate debt, which is non-existent.

The excellent efficiency displayed by the company is also demonstrated by the achievement of an operating margin of 100 million euros, which constitutes 25% of total revenue; this is thanks not only to the company’s disruptive and integrated business model, but also to the flexibilisation of costs, digitalisation of processes and optimisation of revenues thanks to Smart Pricing Management.

Concerning the forecast for 2022, the OK Mobility CEO is confident that the company can continue to improve our results, as we’ve been doing from the outset, thanks to our #OKontheRoad plan, a roadmap for the coming years, which is based on four central concepts: Vertical integration, Geographical expansion, Digitalisation and Sustainability.

To this end, the global mobility company is planing for the opening of more than 20 new OK Stores in Spain and overseas, in both urban areas and tourist destinations; the introduction of new vehicles for the mobility range (such as the addition of motorcycles to the fleet); as well as the launch of innovative new mobility technologies. And all under the premise of sustainability.

Real Mallorca’s new winter signings presented to the press at OK Mobility headquarters

  • In a press conference which took place today in the global mobility company’s headquarters, the red-clad team presented new players Sergio Rico, Giovanni González and Vedat Muriqi to the press.

OK Mobility have been an official sponsor of RCD Mallorca for the last five seasons, and we hosted the official presentation of the team’s three new winter signings.

Goalkeeper Sergio Rico, right winger Giovanni González and striker Vedat Muriqi appeared in the media today at a press conference, alongside OK Mobility’s CEO, Othman Ktiri, RCD Mallorca’s Business CEO, Alfonso Díaz, and Football Manager, Pablo Ortells.

During the press conference, Díaz highlighted that it is a privilege for our club to be hosted by OK Mobility for the presentation of these new players who, alongside their teammates, will continue to fight to stay in the First Division. This is more than just a business relationship. We share our Majorcan origins with OK, but more importantly, we have the same values and international outlook.

OK Mobility’s CEO, Othman Ktiri confirmed that “we are honoured to welcome the team to headquarters. We are their sponsors, but first and foremost, we are their friends. Once again, this is an example of the good relationship that binds our two companies together”.

“From the very beginning, we have had a commitment to Real Mallorca which goes way beyond a signed contract. We will continue to accompany and support them on their journey, fighting every day to improve and reach, and stay in, the top football division”, Ktiri concluded.

For the last five seasons, the global mobility Company is one of the club’s main sponsors and takes care of all the players and managers’ travel needs.

OK Mobility screeches onto the two-wheeled market, by including motorbikes in their mobility offer

  • The global mobility company continues to increase its vehicle alternatives so that its customers can choose at all times the one that best suits their mobility needs.

After more than 15 years focussing solely on car hire, OK Mobility now includes 125cc bikes in their mobility offer, thus providing more vehicle alternatives. This is part of the Company’s firm aim to continue to promote more personalized mobility, which is adapted to each customers’ transport needs at all times.

The new bikes, which require a Class B driving licence (the same as the one required to drive a car) can be ridden on all roads and motorways, and are already available for hire from the Barcelona, Madrid and Palma Majorca Stores. They will soon be included in the company’s remaining Stores.

Othman Ktiri, OK Mobility’s CEO, pointed out that “although we usually associate motorbikes with urban mobility, which is also a service that we offer, OK Mobility wants to go one step further, shaking up the market and proving that ‘motorbike’ can really be another synonym for ‘tourism’. In addition, all our customers can opt for these new vehicles, whether or not they are experienced riders, because a typical driving licence covers this. Whether you are travelling for work or pleasure, you now have yet another option to choose from”.

By including these new bikes, the Company takes their global mobility strategy one step further, both in urban settings, with Stores close to some of Spain’s main cities’ train stations, including Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla and Zaragoza, and tourism resorts par excellence, such as the Balearic Islands and the Costa del Sol. The Company therefore continues to include new vehicle alternatives, to become a global mobility provider both in terms of geographical distribution and the type of vehicles on offer.

You can now hire a motorbike from the okmobility.com website, where you will find two of the best options among the new generations of scooters.

OK Mobility announces its entry in Croatia increasing its presence in the main European tourist destinations

  • The global mobility company opens a new Store in the capital of Zagreb.

OK Mobility moves into next gear in its international expansion plan and adds Croatia to the list of European countries where it is present. Specifically, the company will open from next February a new OK Store in the Croatian country, with the capital, Zagreb, being the first opening, which will be followed later by new Stores in the Croatian country. The new Store is located inside the airport of the capital.

This is a great step for the company, in its commitment to continue adding new tourist destinations par excellence in Europe. With these new openings, OK is already present in eight European countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Malta and Croatia.

OK Mobility CEO, Othman Ktiri, celebrates the company’s entry into Croatia and highlights that “we leave behind a 2021 marked by OK’s growth and internationalisation with entries in Germany, Greece and Malta. We are proud to see that we start 2022 with a new international opening, to which new countries will be added”. “Croatia has become a trendy European destination and we enter this country to continue responding to our customers’ request to keep increasing the number of cities where OK is present so that they always have a mobility option at their fingertips”, adds Ktiri.

The growth that OK Mobility is leading demonstrates the strength that the brand has acquired internationally. In this sense, the business group’s #OKontheRoad Plan contemplates continuing to expand to new countries, either through their own implementation, as in Portugal, Italy, Germany and now in Croatia; or through the acquisition (M&A) of other companies, as in the case of MC Automobiles in France; or by creating their own franchise network, as in Greece and Malta.

It is now possible to make car rental reservations in Zagreb with pick-ups from February through okmobility.com, being able to choose from a wide range of modern and fully equipped vehicles that meet the mobility needs of each customer and their type of trip.

OK Mobility opens its first city centre Store on Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona

  • The new Store completely revolutionises the company’s office model and offers customers the chance to access all the Company’s mobility services in one place.

OK Mobility has opened its first city centre Store in Barcelona’s Passeig de Gràcia. This showcases our new, revolutionary office model, which offers customers the chance to access all the Company’s mobility services in one place. This Store joins the two offices that the global mobility company already has in Barcelona, one in the vicinity of the Sants train station and the other next to El Prat airport; and the four city centre offices located in some of Spain’s main cities, including Alicante, Madrid, Seville and Zaragoza.

The new Store, which is already beginning to welcome its first customers, is located on Barcelona’s Passeig de Gràcia, between the La Sagrera district and Plaza Cataluña, just two minutes away from the Passeig de Gràcia underground car park. Under a new, welcoming and innovative concept, OK Mobility offers customers all their products and mobility services, including renting, purchase and sale of vehicles, and access to a wide range of Premium models. This is in line with the Company’s aim to add to their premium and top premium fleets with the most exclusive brands on the market.

OK Mobility’s CEO, Othman Ktiri, states that “we are launching this new office model in order to strengthen the link with our customers and to get closer to them, improving customer services and allowing them to choose the type of mobility that they need at all times”. “This is a new concept that we wish to extend to more than 47 offices that OK Mobility has in the main cities of Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Greece and Malta, adds Ktiri.

Regarding the Store’s location, “we chose Passeig de Gràcia as it is one of Barcelona’s strategic hubs, due to the large number of residents and national and international tourists who pass through there every day. This is part of our aim to continue handling our customers’ requests to boost our mobility services in city centres. This is the first of many OK Stores to open in the main European capitals, showcasing our intention to get closer to the critical masses of customers and to continue to work hard so that in 2022, mobility once again becomes a synonym for freedom”, adds Ktiri.

By opening this Store, OK Mobility continues to make progress in its geographical expansion plan, one of the main pillars of our #OKOnTheRoad Plan, the Company’s road map for the next few years.

MC Automobiles gains more and more European customers one year after being acquired by OK Mobility

  • Since they joined the mobility group, the French Company have boosted their brand, despite the shortage of second-hand vehicles currently affecting the sector.

Since being acquired by OK Mobility one year ago, French company MC Automobiles has gained significantly more customers, both in France and in other European countries. This merger has also allowed them to generate new growth and innovation business strategies, taking advantage of the mobility group’s European scope.

MC Automobiles have had a positive balance in this first tax year. Marc Carlin, former Company founder and current Manager stated that this is because, “belonging to OK Mobility, the mobility company with the most international projection in Europe, has allowed us to obtain greater visibility, improve our position on the European automotive market and boost our brand image”.

Thanks to OK Mobility’s support, the French Company have also continued to have a constant supply of vehicles, despite the shortage of second-hand vehicles, allowing them to respond to their customers’ mobility needs.

OK Mobility’s CEO, Othman Ktiri, has expressed his satisfaction with the results achieved this first year and assures that “both companies’ experience and know how have allowed us start working together quickly and effectively, and to form synergies to get closer to our customers and offer them a better service. In this regard, Ktiri states that “making the decision to acquire this Company at a time of great global and economic uncertainty, and seeing the results now, demonstrates the potential of our disruptive business model once again, consolidating our second-hand vehicle sales channel in Europe”.

Following the purchase of MCA, OK Mobility have helped the French Company to continue operating, striving for growth and boosting the position that they have held for 30 years, making them one of the five main companies dedicated to the sale of second-hand vehicles to wholesalers in France, reaching 4000 vehicles sold each year and invoicing more than 50 million Euros in the 2020 tax year.

MC Automobiles was the first M&A acquisition made by the mobility group, a part of their #OKOnTheRoad plan. This is an expansion and growth plan which anticipates further acquisitions in the future. In fact, OK Mobility are currently negotiating with various targets.

OK Mobility opens a new office in the centre of Alicante in its commitment to promote urban mobility

  • This opening adds to the offices that the global mobility company has in the centre of some of the main Spanish cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Seville

OK Mobility has opened a new office in the centre of Alicante, close to the city’s train and AVE station. With this opening, the global mobility company already has four offices in the centre of some of the main Spanish cities, aiming to respond to its customer’s increasing demand for urban mobility. In this way, the new Alicante office joins those that the company opened in 2020 in the centre of Barcelona, Madrid and Seville.

The new base, which is already receiving the first customers, is located next to the Alicante-Terminal train station. A location that, as the CEO of OK Mobility, Othman Ktiri, points out,“is a strategic enclave in Alicante due to the large number of travellers it receives every day, reinforcing our presence in this city in our commitment to meet our customers’ requests to increase our mobility services in the city centres“.

The Alicante-Terminal train station is the most important in the capital and is located very close to the heart of the city centre. It has several rail services, among which the Medium Distance,  Long Distance and, since 2013, High-Speed trains (AVE) stand out. Due to its strong tourist nature, it is considered one of the busiest stations in Spain, receiving almost 4 million passengers in 2019.

“This is our second great milestone in this city this year, after obtaining from Aena the award of offices to operate within Alicante Airport. An award that has allowed us to cover the national and international tourists’ great demand for mobility this season and that we reinforce now with this new office in the vicinity of the Alicante train station”, adds Ktiri.

With this new opening, OK Mobility continues to advance in its geographical expansion strategy, one of the main cornerstones of the #OKOnTheRoad Plan; the company’s roadmap for the coming years.