The Negotiating Table for the 1st Gender Equality Plan of OK Mobility is underway


OK Mobility has launched the Negotiating Table for the 1st Gender Equality Plan, which includes a set of measures to ensure real equality between men and women in all areas of the company. Just like with those that until now formed its different lines of business, the company launches this Equality Plan following the recent merger of its mobility brands.

Our determined commitment to achieve a total balance in terms of gender and to develop an inclusive and equal corporate culture leads us to launch the implementation of this ambitious Equality Plan, with direct application in our more than 30 offices distributed in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and France where our staff of more than 400 people are located.

The goals of full equality in treatment and opportunities apply to each of the areas of our company through this Plan that includes aspects such as access to equality, professional classification, promotion, training, remuneration policy, working conditions, personal and work-life balance, the work time management and the prevention of sexual harassment and due to gender; among others.

The development of this Plan involves all the strata of OK Mobility, from the Management to a representation of male and female workers, who will be involved in developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating this Plan.